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Annual winter meeting January 2019

The Federated Networks Association invites its members to an annual winter meeting as set in the rules.


The meeting will be held on Sunday the 27th of January, 2019 at 6pm UTC.


Online on Matrix at #feneas-meetings:feneas.org. There will be a Jitsi voice/video conference available. Join by creating a Matrix account, joining #feneas-meetings:feneas.org and joining the conference call.

You can also just join the chat without joining the voice/video call. In this case you will not be able to participate in the whole discussion, but you will still be able to vote.


Members have one vote each. Voting happens on the #feneas-meetings:feneas.org channel. Vote by either writing +1 or -1 when a vote is in progress.

You might be requested to confirm your identity for votes to be accepted, should other members request so.

Note, only Feneas members can vote.


In the Annual General Meetings the following agenda shall be followed:

  • Opening of the meeting.
  • The chairman and secretary will be chosen.
  • The legality and quorum of the meeting are stated.
  • The working order of the meeting is accepted.
  • The Plan of Action, Budget and the amount of admission and membership fees shall be ratified.
  • The President of the Association Committee and other committee members shall be chosen.

No extra items have been placed on the table since the call for items. The meeting can continue with informal free discussion after the agenda should the participants wish to do so.

Meeting minutes

Annual meeting minutes are stored in the wiki.

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

President of the committee. Open source advocate, Pythonista and Djangonaut. Federated social web hacker.

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Annual winter meeting January 2019