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Members portal and other updates

Things are rolling along here in Feneas land. This post is a small update on various things going on.

Members portal

Previously to join as a member one had to submit personal details via email. We've received feedback that people don't want to do this or don't know how to encrypt their emails. Also we're particularly enthusiastic about data privacy, so we'd rather have your data going around as little as possible.

Thanks to the flashy new members portal, membership is now just a form fill away! Your name and other data will go directly into a merge request in our (private) member directory, to the same place where it ends up being stored. Once the automated merge request is accepted by a committee member, your account is created automatically.

The portal is not only for applying for membership. It also allows current members to log in using their LDAP credentials (which are used for many of the Feneas services) and change their password. Naturally the portal is open source, licensed under GPLv3.

Join now to support our mission to make the federated web a better place! It's only one € a month. With the membership fees we currently run various services for members and non-members alike, but also in the future we will be spending the funds on other items related to our mission.

Chat room

Our chat room gains more users all the time, discussing various things related to the federated web. You should join it too! We also now host our own Riot client which you can find at chat.feneas.org.

To join via Matrix join `#feneas:feneas.org` via your favourite client. If you don't have an account yet, create a free account via our Riot client.

The chatroom is also available bridged to IRC FreeNode at `#feneas`.

Annual general winter meeting

We had our first annual general winter meeting in January as per the requirement set in our rules. As our first annual general meeting since founding, there were not only technical but also organizational problems during the meeting, but we still feel it was a success. The items on the agenda got processed and there was good discussion going on.

The chat log can be found in our wiki. All in all we had 13 participants active during the meeting which is an encouraging amount for the first one ever. This post is a little recap of the discussion topics and decisions made.

Plan of action 2019

One of the items on the winter meeting agenda is to set a high level plan for the year. Our way of working is very agile, so this is really more of a view into what is currently in our GitLab issue tracker as likely higher level items to accomplish.

You can find the plan of action document here, accepted in a 10 for, 0 against vote.

Budget proposal

The budget of Feneas consists fully of membership fees currently. Assuming we don't apply for separate grants, this is unlikely to change during 2019. Some estimations were presented about the likely membership count increase during 2019.

  • The committee expects the membership count to quadruple during 2019, giving an estimated budget of 1500€ for the year.
  • Monthly IT costs were expected to triple (due to growing amount of services) to be around 540€ for the whole year.
  • Marketing is expected to be around 150€ for the whole year.

The committee made some proposals about the usage of the remaining funds but after a brief discussion a vote was taken to accept the budget proposal without including proposals on usage of remaining funds. This was accepted 9 votes for, 0 against. You can find the accepted budget here.

Membership fees

There was good consensus that the current 1€ per month is a good membership fee for 2019 as well. The problem seen was the matter of invoicing members who join late in the year. A proposal was made as follows: "Ratify annual membership fee as 1€ per month. The membership fee is invoiced at the beginning of the year for the whole year. If a member joins mid year, they should pay 1€ per month up until the remainder of the year. If the member joins in the last quarter, they should pay additionally the fee for the next year in the same payment to avoid invoices of a few euros.". It was accepted 11 votes in favour, 0 against.


The current (founding) committee indicated it would like to continue with a mandate for 2019. From the other members participating, Sean Tilley made an interest to join the committee. Good discussion happened around the responsibilities of the committee and the current structure. After the discussion a vote was passed 10 in favour, 1 abstain.

The committee for 2019 until the next winter meeting is thus: Jason Robinson, Lukas Matt, Pia Robinson, Armando Luescher, Christophe Henry, Michael Vogel, Sean Tilley.

Warm welcome to Sean ?

Next meeting

The next meeting is the summer annual meeting sometime in May. An invitation will be sent two weeks prior to all members. Members are encouraged to contact the committee already if they have topics they want to be included in the official agenda.

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

President of the committee. Open source advocate, Pythonista and Djangonaut. Federated social web hacker.

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Members portal and other updates