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Open letter: Feneas in the future

Dear Feneas,

It has been almost three years since we decided to found and build this organisation. In the last few years we have achieved great things and grown as a community and organisation.

I never expected that we would now have over 60 members (from all over the world). That is great!

Unfortunately, we also have some negative things to report. One big issue is finances. With the membership fee we can hardly stay online. Originally, the membership fee was only meant as a confirmation for us that a new member is serious about joining. The reality is that we cannot maintain the quality/maintenance of all services with only 60 euros a month. It has happened more than once now that board members have had to pay bills out of their own pockets.

What makes it worse is that 60 euros is the theoretical number. In practice, we are chasing members every year to pay the recurring fee. We are way behind in our payments.. again...

That's why we decided to start an annual fundraising campaign. We have hundreds of users every day. I am sure we can find some support here.

Keep Feneas alive by making a contribution! Because the only other option would be to shut down the services or even to shut down Feneas :\


Thanks and keep federating,
Lukas and the Feneas Band

Lukas Matt

Lukas Matt

Experienced Network Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in GoLang, Perl, Scala, Ruby, Bash and Java. OpenSource enthusiast and Linux hardliner!

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Open letter: Feneas in the future