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Updates since launch

A few months have passed with Feneas. Here is a small update on things we have been doing or are planning to do, including a financial statement.


Feneas is funder by members. These fees we funnel into running reliable services and other channels mentioned in our mission. But being a member is not just enabling these things. Feneas is also a community of people interested in federating the web.

Currently Feneas has 10 members, of which 6 are in the association committee. The committee handles the running of the association as per the rules.


With a total member count of 10 and membership fee of 1€ per month, our monthly budget comes to (after some difficult math) 10€ (not counting one time donations). Our current server costs amount to approximately the same amount. We're hoping to increase our monthly budget over the coming months to provide more services to the community and fullfil the mission set in our rules.

If you are a federated web enthusiast, please consider joining as a member!

Finances and Transparency

When it comes to donated funds, we're aiming for 100% transparency. Financial statements will if possible be published monthly. The first ones cover the starting period from August to end of October. Please find the income statement and general ledger for this time in our wiki.

As can be seen from the statements, our current expenses are promotional material for sales and future events, and server costs. We cannot publish member names for privacy reasons but expenses paid out will never be anonymised.


Currently we provide the following:

  • GitLab (unlimited pro for members)
  • Matrix (use https://feneas.org as custom homeserver when signing up)
  • Friendica

More services are being worked on as our monthly budget grows.

Upcoming events

FOSDEM is around the corner, at the start of February. The whole Feneas committee will be there. We've placed an application for a stand to the FOSDEM organizers. If this is accepted we will be spreading the message of the federated web there. Stay tuned for more information in this blog.

Want to get involved?

Are you a federated web enthusiast looking for ways to influence the community and get some word out? We want to provide tools for exactly your kind of people. You don't even have to be a member to be involved. Come chat to us on Matrix and tell us what you would like to do. If we can't help or provide a way to contribute, there are many people deep in the federated web communities hanging around who might be able to.

We're especially looking for content managers for our website. This would include creating pages with information about the federated web and writing blog articles.

Stickers & Pins!

Thanks to lostinlight (who by the way has made several awesome designs for various federated projects <3) we have stickers and pins for sale in our shop. Each item is priced at €10 and includes postage to anywhere in the world. By buying a sticker or pin you directly support the services we offer to the community and the future promotional work we will be doing.

Until next time. Keep federating!

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

President of the committee. Open source advocate, Pythonista and Djangonaut. Federated social web hacker.

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Updates since launch